August 7th – 21th 2021

An exciting experience to get equipped for the adventure of life by being challenged and encouraged spiritually, socially and physically!

What to expect


Our Basecamp is a two-week adventure-packed short bible/discipleship training for young believers who have the desire to be challenged and encouraged in their faith and personality. Just as the last preparations at a Basecamp are essential before climbing a huge mountain, in a similar way we want this Basecamp to be a time of preparation for future challenges, and an opportunity for personal growth and strengthening of your relationship with God.
Sharing life intensively for two weeks in a small group of 12 people, plus being far away from home and surrounded by the rugged beauty of the Engadin mountains, will create the perfect setting to expand your limits and to gain new perspectives for your everyday life.

Most evenings and mornings we will be inspired by practical bible teaching, leaving the rest of day for exploring the great outdoors, reflecting on the heard and putting it into practice!
The more active ventures will include hiking and climbing mountain peaks, bivouacking, rock climbing, cooking in the wilderness, caving, exploring dinosaur foot prints (on 2900m), high ropes course and learning the basics for white water kayaking. Some of these activities will be offered optionally as modules, but most of them will be done as a whole group. Of course, there will also be more relaxed days for optional sight seeing of historical villages or for personal recreation and reflection.

Besides the pure enjoyment of God’s creation and enjoying our fellowship together, we also want to use these experiences to raise self- and God awareness! Visualising our beliefs and behaviours through outdoor challenges will help us to grow in our relationship with God, with ourselves and of course with others! This may also include leaving our comfort zones sometimes, but those are often the moments in life when we learn the most!


According to the greatest biblical commandment “Love your God… and love your neighbour as yourself…”,  during these two weeks we will focus on the vertical and horizontal dimensions of our life and faith:

Week 1  – Vertical living:  GOD and YOU

Everything starts with God and my relationship with Him

  • Knowing God: His attributes – How He reveals himself to us – Our image of God – God and science
  • Knowing ourselves: Being created in His image as Body, Soul & Spirit – Tendencies of our personality – Sin – Values – Habits – Our new identity in Christ
  • Communicating with God: Living with the bible – Prayer – Listening to His voice

Week 2 – Horizontal living:  YOU and OTHERS

How our beliefs about God and Ourselves affect our life with others

  • You and Others: Attitudes – Serving – Forgiveness – Communication skills
  • You and the Body of Christ: Joy and challenges of Christian fellowship – Gifts and responsibilities
  • You and Missions: Sharing Christ with others – Discipleship – Apologetics


This Camp will be in English and German, although the teaching sessions will be held in English. In other words it will be essential that you speak and understand English fairly well. However, even if you are not fluent in English, we want to encourage especially young Swiss, Germans and Italians to be part of the camp if you would like to practice and improve your English!
Minimum age is 18 Years. You don’t need to be overly fit, but you should be able to manage up to 6 hour hikes and be in a general healthy condition.


We will be a group of maximum 12 people and everyone is sharing a bed room with 3-5 others. Sharing life aside from the daily programs, including cooking meals in smaller teams, will also be an essential part of our experience together, so come prepared 😉
Here you can find more details about the 

This camp is a cooperation of Chasa Perspectiva/Torchbearers International + Forum VIVIT/Südtirol


Daniel Schulte

Daniel Schulte


  • Guest Speaker for the 1st week and Co-organizer
  • Born 1971 (D) and living since 2009 in Merano/Southtyrol-Italy
  • Married to Silke (A) and father of two daughers and two sons
  • Attended Capernwray Hall Torchbearer-Bibleschool in England in 1990-91 (where he also met his wife Silke)
  • Studied Theology, Music and Missions at Lamorlaye/France and Korntal/Germany (M.A.)
  • Many years involved in ministry as bible teacher
  • Since 2018 founder and director of VIVIT, an interdenominational and cross-cultural ministry based in Merano/Italy
  • Loves music, mountains, books and people
Damien & Gudrun Reeves

Damien & Gudrun Reeves


  • Damien is the director of Champfleuri (Christian retreat center near Grenoble, France) and directs DÉFI, the only french-speaking TB school.  Gudrun also works at Champfleuri.
  • Damien was born in Odessa, Texas USA in 1968 and Gudrun was born in Linz, Austria in 1975.
  • They met studying theology at the European Bible Institute near Paris (1994-1997) and have been married for 22 years.  They 1 son and 3 daughters.
  • They worked at Schloss Klaus as youth workers from 1998 to 2000 and have been working at Champfleuri for the last 19 years.
  • They both enjoy reading, hiking in the great outdoors and spending time with others.  But they most prefer reading and teaching the Word of God.
Luke & Eva Brunner

Luke & Eva Brunner


  • Camp hosts
  • Born 1974 and 1975 and living in Lavin now for 20 years
  • Parents of three daughters
  • Luke is self-employed as a Guitar Builder
  • Eva is a Paediatric nurse, working as medical secretary and for a school office from home
  • Together they studied at Capernwray Harbour Bible School in 1999-2000
  • Both have been involved in youth ministry for many years
  • Luke loves craftsmanship, adventure and too many other things
  • Eva loves reading, walks with good friends and being creative 
Simon Graubner

Simon Graubner


  • Camp Assistant
  • Born 1998 in central Germany
  • volountiered at Tauernhof Austria in 2018/19
  • works currently at Brunner Guitars with Luke and Chris
  • Loves climbing, hiking and driving cars 😉


    Start: Saturday August 8th, 6pm with dinner, arrival possible after 2pm in the afternoon
    End: Saturday August 22th, in the morning 11am 

    Getting here

    The Chasa Perspectiva is only a one minute walk from the train station in Lavin! If you plan to travel by car here’s the Link to plan your trip

    What to bring

    Outdoor wear for all weather conditions, sleeping bag and mat for bivouacking, drinking bottle, good backpack (min.30Lt.), good hiking boots
    (You will receive a more detailed packing list after registration)


    Insurance is the responsibility of the participant


    Accommodation & Meals:  CHF 590.- (€550.-) including tourist tax, transports and some needed outdoor gear

    Additional optional costs:  

    -Two days white water kayaking beginner course:  CHF 100.-
    -Entrance ticket for the historical castle Schloss Tarasp:  CHF 25.-
    -High Ropes Course Sur En: CHF 20.-


    We will get back to you with further detailed informations as soon as possible after receiving your application. Please don’t hesitate to send us an email or call us if you have any further questions before submitting the application.

    Registration for the BASECAMP - August 8th -22th 2020

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