11.-17. August, 2019

Getting inspired, sharing the passion, enjoying great fellowship!

What to expect

The Pick & Strum Guitar Camp is all about sharing the passion of playing guitar, and having a relaxed and inspring time together! The breathtaking enviroment of the Engadin valley and our cozy accommodation will provide the perfect setting! We will usually spend the mornings looking into different playing styles and techniques and practice in smaller groups. Jazz Guitarist and Guitar Teacher Emanuel Schmidt will be leading most workshop sessions. You will also get a chance to learn more about how to perfectly set-up a guitar and other general guitar related topics. Guitar builder Luke Brunner will explain many basics and deeper insights.
Most Afternoons will be spent outdoors doing smaller hikes, rock climbing, getting challenged on the high ropes course, or sightseeing the historical villages of the region. These activities are mostly optional.

Every day we also plan on a devotional time together where the team will share a few thoughts on “Guitar Parables”.  Just as a guitar builder desires to get the fullest possible sound out of a guitar, so also God as our creator wants us to resonate in Him to the max! These will be good times of reflection, allowing God to bring new perspectives into our lives! 

The evenings will always be relaxed, giving everyone the chance to just hang out, have some barbeques, and time for more jam sessions!

The camp is German and English

Am I a good enough player?

This camp is designed for everyone who has been playing guitar for a while and who is simply looking for some new inspiration to improve and learn new playing skills. You don’t need to be a pro, it’s all about sharing our passion! From the basic strummer to the already advanced player, everybody is welcome and will be able to get lots out of it! We will be 2-3 people leading groups for different levels, and there will always be much room for sharing ideas and skills so we can all learn from each other!

Possible Topics

Depending on the groups level and interests these are possible topics we are going to look into:

  • Different strumming and picking styles in different genres 
  • Chord progressions with bass and melody lines
  • Improvisation
  • Percussive playing styles and tapping
  • Alternative tunings
  • Harmonics
  • Looping
  • Some music theory

Special Guests on video and also Live Stream!


For those of you who are looking for even bigger challenges we would also like to look into a few topics of the new Phil Keaggy „Master Course“! 
All depending in the desire and interests of the group of course!
As a big highlight we will also have a life stream session with Phil directly from Nashville!




Phil Keaggy

Phil Keaggy

Special Guest on screen


We will be a group of maximum 16 people and everyone is sharing a bed room with 3-5 others. Sharing life aside from the daily programs, including cooking meals in smaller teams, will also be an essential part of our experience together, so come prepared 😉
Here you can find more details about the accommodation.


Lukas Brunner

Lukas Brunner


  • Host and Camp leader
  • Born 1974 and living in Lavin
  • Married and father of three daughter
  • Self-employed Guitar Builder and Carpenter
  • Studied at Capernwray Harbour Bible School with his wife
  • Qualified personal and team coach
  • Youthworker for many years
  • Loves guitars, fine craftsmanship and the adventure
Emanuel Schmidt

Emanuel Schmidt


  • Guitar teacher for the workshops
  • Born 1966 in Zürich, lived and worked in Switzerland, France, England, USA, Australia, and Germany
  • Married to Sheryl
  • Studied Oceanography, Aquaculture, Theology, Music Performance, and Music Education
  • Self-employed Musician and Music Educator
  • Loves guitar, photography, Jazz, fencing, nature, coral reefs, and books
Chris Jacobs

Chris Jacobs


  • Camp assistant 
  • born 1984 in South Africa
  • Single
  • Studied Theology and Business Project Management
  • Aircraft Sales Professional and Pilot for small planes
  • Currently working with Lukas at Brunner Guitars
  • Loves guitars, running and the great outdoors


Start: Sunday, August 11th, 6pm with dinner, arrival possible after 4pm in the afternoon
End: Saturday, Aug 17th,  in the morning 11am

Getting here

The Chasa Perspectiva is only a one minute walk from the train station in Lavin! If you plan to travel by car here’s the plan your trip

What to bring

Your acoustic guitar, cloths for all weather conditions, hiking boots and house shoes


Insurance is the responsibility of the participant


 Accommodation and Meals plus tourist tax:  CHF350.- 

 Additional costs for optional trips:

 -Entrance ticket for the historical castle Schloss Tarasp:  CHF25.-
-Entrance High ropes course: CHF25.-




We will get back to you with further detailed informations as soon as possible after receiving your application. Please don’t hesitate to send us an email or call us if you have any further questions before submitting the application.

Registration for the Pick & Strum Guitar Camp

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