Looking back


2010-2012 was a special season in our lives. By a miracle and very unexpectedly, we were able to take over this house where we have been renters for 10 years. Together with our own employees of Brunner Handwerk and the help of many friends, we worked for two years on the Renovations and we were able to contribute about 80% of all the work with our own labor. In addition to the renovation of the two existing old apartments, a new workshop and apartment in the hayloft has been built, as well as the group accommodation in the attic on the top floor.

It was an incredibly exciting and intense time that we like to look back to. To all friends and helpers once again a big THANK YOU for all your hard work and for the good time together!
Here are a few pictures of (almost) all helpers and some impressions from this time …


Some history


The house was originally built in 1870 by Italian architects during the reconstruction of Lavin after the second village fire in 1869. It was first a large farmhouse until it was used during the construction of the Rhaetian Railway at the turn of the century as a hotel and restaurant “Steinbock”. Then it became the farmhouse again and in the former stable, where today guitars are created, lived once coys, horses, sheep, goats and chickens all together! Then it was used as a residential building and on the bottom floor there was a village laundry, a post office and even a Raiffeisen Bank branch at some point! Today, right next to the Plazza Gronda, there is our Bike Shop along with our guitar and furniture workshop!
Pictures and objects from former times …

That’s what it looked like when we came to Lavin in 2000. The house was renovated once in the 50s.

Shortly after the scaffolding was gone in 2011