Torchbearer Students Christmas Break

December 16th 2022 – January 1st 2023

We open our place over Christmas for Bible-School students from various English speaking European Torchbearer Centres, to either finish off their stay in Europe in a unique way or spend a fun time during their Christmas break along with others!

What to expect

This will be a great opportunity to enjoy fellowship and a fun time along with your friends and get to know students from other Torchbearer Bible School centres!
Chasa Perspectiva is located in the beautiful Engadin valley in a small mountain village called Lavin and offers the perfect setting to relaxe, reflect on what God has been teaching you and to recharge. There are also lots of opportunities for outdoor activities either right in town or very close by, such as down-hill and cross-country skiing, sledding, snow-shoeing or going sight seeing in the charming historical villages in the area. We also have an ice rink right beside our house to play hockey!

We won’t be offering any actual program during this time and you students will have to organize yourselves! Breakfast will be provided and included in the price of your stay. Optional bag lunches are also offered as well as warm dinners for which you will need to sign up for. There is also a small store in the village with a fairly big variety of food, plus a nice bakery and a restaurant/cafe. 
Everybody will also be involved in some duties like helping with prepping meals, washing dishes and doing some cleaning.

Here is the link to the nearby Ski resort in Scuol, only 20min away from our place. We have quite a variety of winter gear that we offer for free to students. No guarantee though that we will have the perfect size for you! We have a few sets of decent skis and boots as well as lots of sleds, some sets of cross country skis and a few pair of snow shoes. Any needed gear for skiing can also be rented right at the ski resort.


During the first week we can offer room for a maximum of 24 people in our two accommodations, during the second week from Christmas to New Years we only have the middle floor available for a maximum of 10 people. Here the link to our group accommodation on the top floor  “il Palantschin”  and the middle floor “Plan Sura”


Getting here

The Chasa Perspectiva is only a one minute walk from the train station in Lavin! If you plan to travel by car here’s the Link to plan your trip

The cheapest and most convenient way to get around Europe for students is to buy a global pass at or (depending if your European or not)

What to bring

Clothes for all winter weather conditions, good winter shoes, winter sports equipment if relevant and available, drinking bottle, small comfortable backpack. Please also bring your own towel.


Insurance is the responsibility of the students


Accommodation per night including breakfast and tourist tax:
CHF 25.- (€25.-)

Optional bag lunches CHF5.- (€5.-) and warm dinner CHF5.- (€5.-)

We take cash, wire transfers and can also process creditcard payments (for an extra 3%)

Additional optional costs: 

-See here prices for Skiing Passes in Scuol
The 15min train ride will be included for only CHF 1.- more!
-Renting equipment for skiing, cross country skiing or snow shoeing may vary from CHF20-80.- a day. 
-Possible extra train rides:  CHF 20-60.-
Indoor Swimming Pool in Zernez CHF9.-
Indoor Wellness Pool in Scuol inluding Sauna CHF29.-
-Using sleds in Lavin will be free and there’s 
plenty of nice walks and hikes in the area you can do without using extra money!



Please send us simply an email to letting us know what dates you’d like to come.
Also don’t hesitate if you have any further questions.
We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Luke & Eva 

Your hosts

Luke & Eva Brunner

Luke & Eva Brunner


  • Born 1974 and 1975 and living in Lavin since 20 years
  • Parents of three daughters
  • Luke is self-employed as a Guitar Builder
  • Eva is a Paediatric nurse, working as medical secretary and for a school office from home
  • Together they studied at Capernwray Harbour Bible School in 1999-2000 
  • Both have been involved in youth ministry for many years
  • Luke loves craftsmanship, adventure and too many other things
  • Eva loves reading, walks with good friends and being creative